Thursday, 25 August 2016

How he win £1million on a £5 lottery.

A road worker who celebrated winning £1million on a £5 lottery by doing cartwheels down the street in his high-visibility jacket returned to work the following morning for a 12 hour shift.

Carl Crook, 25, was seen celebrating wildly in Manchester city centre after the life-changing win but has vowed to keep on working - so long as he no longer does overtime.   
He has promised not to 'blow' the money but wants to spend his winnings on an Audi RS7, a Safari in Africa for his honeymoon with fiancee Samantha and a family holiday to Florida.
'The £1 million might go but we want to at least spend it on making memories instead of on rubbish', he said.  
Last Thursday, Mr Crook popped into a newsagents while working on a job in Manchester city centre to buy a drink and a £5 scratchcard.   
The road worker had purchased a scratchcard earlier in the day with a friend and the pair had promised to go halves if either got lucky. 
After that proved fruitless, he decided to go back and have another shot.  
Mr Crook, from Rochdale, said: 'It's only once in a blue moon that I buy a scratchcard but I had a feeling that day and decided to have one more go.
'I asked the shopkeeper for a £10 scratchcard but he said he didn't have any and only had the £5 ones. I was scratching the numbers off and knew I had at least won my money back or got a tenner.
'I then revealed the last number slowly and saw it said £1 and the letter 'm'. I showed it to the two lads I was working with and kept saying "check that, check that".

'I then went back into the shop and said "I've won a million, I've won a million". 
'The shopkeeper smiled and said "I can't pay that" and told me to contact the number on the back.
'I was shaking like mad and I was put on hold for what felt like years. The lady finally told me "I would like to congratulate you. You have won £1 million".
'I had my phone on speaker and all my workmates were around me. I just screamed "yes" at the top of my voice. I had so much joy and excitement, I was crying.' 
He was then spotted by passers-by 'doing forward and back flips' along Oxford Road in Manchester, telling everyone about his lucky scratchcard.  
Mr Crook, who has an eight-year-old son and six-month-old daughter with fiance Samantha Dyson, said they are determined not to 'blow' their winnings.
Mr Crook's winning scratchcard that he purchased during a lunch break.

Mr Crook (left) and his winning scratchcard (right) that he purchased during his lunch break in Manchester
The 25-year-old, who works for Kenny Bros civil engineering firm, added: 'I called Samantha and tried to tell her what happened but kept breaking down. She didn't believe me and I had to send her a picture of the scratchcard to prove it.'
He said he was unable to work for the rest of the day and his colleagues had to stay 90 minutes later to pick up his workload.
But he then returned to work at 6.30am on Friday for a 12-hour slog.  
He said: 'I just kept thinking to myself "why am I here?" But I do enjoy my job, the company I work for and the people I work with.
'I've already spoken to my boss about having next week off so I can let things settle down. I will be staying on at work but without overtime.
'A lot of people have been congratulating us. Friends I've known for a long time kept saying they couldn't believe it and I was a jammy sod and just having a joke and a laugh.
'I think it's the way we have won the money as well. No one would ever believe you could win that amount on a £5 scratchcard. How rare do you see it?'
I'll keep working: Man who won £1million on scratch card

Mr Crook, who has an eight-year-old son and six-month-old daughter with fiance Samantha Dyson, said they are determined not to 'blow' their winnings. 
He said: 'It's not about us retiring now. It's about us being able to live comfortably without the pressure of life weighing down on us.
'Our kids will have their inheritance sorted and we won't need to have a 30-year mortgage.
'I'm a boy and I like my toys and cars and I'm looking at getting a really nice car. I've always wanted an Audi RS7. 
I genuinely don't know if I will get that or something else. But there's going to be no rush.
'When we told our son he was saying "we are millionaires". He loves supercars and wants to go out in a Ferrari.
'We are going to go on holiday this summer and to Lapland at Christmas. I would love to take the family to Florida and we might do that next year.
'Myself and Samantha got engaged last year and we want to get married this year and then go on a Safari tour in Africa for our honeymoon.'  
Miss Dyson, 26, who works as a child minding assistant, said the money is 'life changing' for their family.
She said: 'He rang me to tell me what happened but I didn't believe he.
'When I saw on Facebook that people were saying he did backflips and cartwheels I couldn't believe that, I knew it wasn't something he could do!'
'The whole thing doesn't feel real. It's one of those things that you see happening to other people but never think will happen to you.'

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