Thursday, 22 December 2016

Truecaller Unveils Call Me Back Feature for Android

  • The feature is meant to ensure call completion for the caller
  • If the caller chooses Ask to Call Back, the receiver will be notified
  • The feature is only available for Truecaller for Android users
Truecaller on Thursday unveiled a new feature that's aimed at helping e-commerce firms in last mile delivery. Called Call Me Back, the feature is only available for Android users right now. It presents the caller who placed an unsuccessful call with the option to ask the intended receiver to call back, or to call again. The feature will help both regular users and delivery firms achieve call completion.

The company has detailed how the feature works. Users will need to update their Truecaller Android app to v7.82, and can use any dialler app they wish alongside. If a Truecaller user unsuccessfully tries to call another Truecaller user, they will be presented with two options - Ask to Call Back and Call Anyway. If the first option is chosen, a notification will be sent to the receiver that asks them to return the call, and if the second option is chosen, a call will be put through to the intended receiver again.

The interface shown to the caller will be slightly different if the receiver's number is already saved in their phone book. If the number is saved, and receiver has their Truecaller 'last seen' status updated within the last 24 hours, the caller will see this status (seen above) on option screen after a call attempt.
truecaller call me back scenario 1 truecaller

Truecaller notes that the Ask to Call Back and Call Anyway options will be presented to the caller if the receiver rejects the incoming call, is busy on another call, their number is otherwise busy, or if the call otherwise failed (with duration zero) due to network issues.

To recall, back in October, the company had unveiled 'Truecaller Priority' - a feature that also helped firms achieve call completion by revealing information of the partner firm's caller to the recipient. Notably, the Call Me Back is an upgrade to the 'Availability' feature that has been present on Truecaller (and before that, the Truedialer app) for a while. The feature shows the status of a user - whether they are free to take a call - before a call is placed to them.

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