Saturday, 14 January 2017

Death of Facebook

The web users complain about the failure of Facebook

If you try to login to an online resource users receive an error message. Now the social network Twitter hashtag spreads #facebookdown, which means «Facebook collapsed." Members are divided into the most original thoughts on the incident. Some managed to blame the failure of the new US president Donald Trump. Other related incident with Friday the 13th. Some ironic that because of breakage Facebook users began to massively go to Twitter. Users often complain about the failures in the Facebook servers. In November 2016 the social network management by mistake put the memorial banners several dozen members.

“Facebook has a big problem”, the tech media breathlessly cries. Despite using it every day, I’m not a fan of Facebook, and so am drawn to these articles like a moth to a flame. Let’s all enjoy guilt-free schadenfreude at the expense of a billion-dollar business! So, what’s Facebook’s problem this week? People are sharing more web pages and news stories, but fewer “personal stories”—plain status updates that relate to their lives.
It turns out that Facebook’s controls for the news feed are pretty terrible. If a friend of mine comments on a non-friend’s post, “likes” it, or worst of all “reacts to” it, that’s automatically considered newsworthy for me. Facebook offers no way to customise the feed to remove these kind of posts. You can, however, choose to hide all posts from certain people, including those not on your friends list. So based on the advice I received, I started “hiding all from” everyone I didn’t recognise who appeared in my news feed. I’ve done this almost every day for the last couple of weeks, and in a way, it has been very successful. Almost all the strangers’ profile pic changes and distant events have gone, there’s fewer clickbait posts and memes, and mercifully almost no Minions at all.

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