Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Largest Torrent Site Mininova Shuts Down

Mininova was previously known as the largest BitTorrent website, but now it decided to cease its operations for good. Its forum will shut down next week, and the rest of the site will close its doors a month later. The site operators are proud of the role they played in the file-sharing history, but their legal distribution platform appeared unsustainable.
A dozen years ago, the mighty Suprnova went offline, damaging the BitTorrent landscape of that time. The vacant space was soon filled by new sites trying to fulfill the public’s increasing demands for torrents, of which Mininova became the most successful. 5 Dutch students set up this BitTorrent site a month after Suprnova went offline. Started as a hobby project, the platform managed to turn into a successful business that generated millions of dollars in revenue. Of course, legal pressure also came along, even despite the site operators complying with takedown requests.

Eventually, BREIN filed a case against Mininova in 2009 and won it, forcing the tracker to remove all infringing torrents, which effectively ended its popularity. Although Mininova remained online, it now permitted only pre-approved publishers to upload files. Finally, it decided to shut down for good on April 4, 2017. Despite more than 950 million legal torrents having been downloaded from the site in recent years, its income couldn’t make up for the costs. Mininova founders have moved on over these years – they are no longer students and have parted ways, engaging in different projects and ventures.

Mininova’s users have been very grateful, as well as several artists who also thanked the platform for providing them with a great promotional tool.

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